Sparking new possibilities in everything from computing,
networking, server applications to mobile, consumer,
automotive and industrial designs



5G is expected to make data access many times faster and interconnect increasingly more devices. From better health care technology through Internet of Things (IoT) to advances in AI-powered mobile photography — Micron memory and storage will drive 5G innovation.


A car may be the most powerful computer people own. With infotainment, advanced driver assistance and powertrain control systems, cars come with more processing power than laptops. And all of that processing power requires memory made for automotive applications — from a memory manufacturer that knows automotive.


Client applications need the kind of groundbreaking performance and optimum portability that Micron’s client solutions deliver. As a leading memory and storage manufacturer, we also offer a unique level of expertise in DRAM, NAND and SSD technologies that helps ensure end-to-end quality and optimization and speeds time to market.


Virtual reality glasses, smart watches, 4K TVs and smart speakers are some of the innovative products that are captivating consumer interest and expanding the realm of what’s possible. Micron’s consumer solutions help these devices connect, store and share — quickly and securely.

Industrial IoT

Connected, smart machines are enabling automation that improves operational efficiency and accuracy, transforming the world of manufacturing. Micron provides intelligent choices for your industrial IoT designs that deliver lower product lifecycle cost, lower total cost of ownership and faster time to market.


Mobile device users expect the kind of rich, immersive experience that our high-performance, low-power memory delivers. Micron’s mobile products are designed to provide fast and reliable access to data that’s cost-effective and power-efficient, in a small footprint to enable slim and lightweight designs.


In our connected world, networking brings together people, computers, devices, vehicles and much more. We’re addressing this exploding demand for networking bandwidth with new memory solutions that deliver equally revolutionary results. Micron’s high-bandwidth, low-latency solutions seamlessly speed data transfer from point A to point B.


Data centers are rapidly moving toward massive scale and efficiency — a transformation driven by virtualization, centralization and cloud computing. Micron helps you choose the right memory and storage solutions to get the most value out of your data center. We enable you to more easily and efficiently turn data into insights for super-intelligent decision making.

Accelerated Solutions

Micron Accelerated VMware vSAN Ready Nodes

Enable state-of-the-art data center efficiencies with all-flash Accelerated VMware vSAN™ reference architectures, powered by Micron enterprise SSDs and advanced DRAM. These all-flash VMware vSAN platform designs provide predictable high performance that’s easy to deploy and manage — ideal for powering business-critical workloads and simplifying IT infrastructures.

Micron Accelerated Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Get the performance, density, flexibility and scale from your storage infrastructure that is essential for operational and business success with Micron Accelerated Solutions for Microsoft®’s new portfolio for Azure Stack HCI solutions. Azure Stack HCI is a hyperconverged solution that uses validated hardware to run virtualized workloads on-premises specifically on Windows Server 2019 clusters.